Kombucha & Kefir


The sun is out and we have the perfect drinks on our shelves for you, kombucha  really popular and is a lovely and satisfying drink, this brand is made in Portugal and comes in original and California raspberry it is one of our favourites.




We also have lovely water based Kefir zing in the chiller, it comes in lots of lovely flavours and is super refreshing.

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New in Green Ginger


We have new products to show you in Green Ginger, first up is our reusable organic cotton bags they are perfect for our gravity feed wholefoods. We sold out quickly last week so we got lots more in today.


We also have beautiful nettle fibre ramie cloths , these are crocheted cloths and are so special and lovely, perfect for skin cleansing.


In the Antipodes range we have a new face brightening facial mud mask , we love Antipodes in Green Ginger and cannot wait to try this product.

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New products in Green Ginger

We get new products in the shop every week so just in case you have missed some of these newbies when you were in we thought we’d show you guys what to look out for.




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Bloom & Nora



We are excited to stock Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads. They come in a lovely box with 3 pads and a two-section bag for carrying them in your handbag.

Here are some tips to keep your pads in top condition:


  • Rinse in cold water immediately after use to stop stains setting.
  • Store in waterproof bathroom bag and wash within 48 hours.
  • Don’t let the pads dry out before laundering.
  • No Fabric softeners, they will reduce the absorbency.
  • No harsh stain removers- they can cause irritation and damage the waterproof membrane.
  • Wash at 40 and tumble dry on cool.

What’s in your pad?

Fleece upper:

70% bamboo

30% Cotton

Microfibre core:

100% polyester

Waterproof Layer:

100% polyester with polyurethane Laminate

Also the pads are Oekotex certified, this means no nasty chemicals at all in the fabrics or next to the skin.






New Vegan Chocolate


We are excited to stock not only one new vegan chocolate bar but four!

They are vegan versions of all your classic chocolate bars, think Snickers,Buttercups, milkyway, delicious.


The Active Honey Co. Rainforest Honey



We have an original and a lemon blend on our shelves, 10+ active is great for immunity , think of it like you would manuka honey, it has all the medicinal qualities you’d expect, anti bacterial, anti microbia and it can be used topically or ingested, we have it as a first aid in our cupboards, do you?


Essential oils and sage sticks


If you are like us in Green Ginger you will love the change in season and will cleanse your space welcoming in new energies. We sell sage smudge sticks and they are perfect for cleansing, it is amazing how different your home/space will feel after you burn sage and let the smoke waft through the building.

We also have a fantastic selection of essential oils in the shop, why not try some citrus oils to uplift your mood and welcome in Spring.

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