Pacifica Gift Sets


You may of seen our Pacifica perfumes upstairs in Green Ginger, beautiful scents gorgeously packaged ,if you like those you’ll love these.

Pacifica Take Me There Sets are the ideal gift for everyone. Perfectly portable products that are easy to carry with fragrances that will carry you away! Each Take Me There Set contains our beloved purse-ready 2.5oz Body Butter, .33oz Perfume Roll-on and delicious NEW Color Quench Natural Moisture Lip Tint. As always, the gorgeous box defies gift-wrapping.

Available in Indian coconut nectar ,Hawaiian Ruby guava and Tuscan blood orange.


New product,Fry’s rice & quinoa strips



Quinoa-StripsSeasoned with rosemary, marjoram and sage; these veggie strips will make any meal complete. These Strips go well in stir fries, wraps, pastas, and more. They are high in iron, high in protein and high in fibre. Eating a plant-based diet couldn’t be easier and more delicious!

Available in the freezer section.




Flaya now in Green Ginger

FlayaGB Fine Fragrance Collection





Flaya fine fragrances for you.


Handmade in small batches on the North Yorkshire Coast.


Natural, organic and vegan perfumes. 

All our ingredients are 100% vegan (plant based), ethically sourced and are free from synthetic ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals, harmful preservatives, SLS and SLES.
We use organic ingredients where possible and our entire range of fragrances contain between 80% and 92% certified organic ingredients.


Vegan Caesar Dressing


Our vegan food options are always growing in Green Ginger. We have just had a delivery and this organic vegan Caesar is our latest obsession, it is creamy, thick, and rich with garlic and pepper notes. It’s got all the flavor of a traditional Caesar, with none of the eggs, dairy, or anchovies – and it’s certified organic!

Heath & Heather





The perfect cuppa for Autumn , a comforting blend of apple & cinamon naturally caffeine free and tastes divine.

Vegan Cheese




Equal amounts of cashews and almonds are weighed out and soaked in a special container with water and lactic bacteria for around ten hours

After the soaking stage, carefully measured amounts of water and salt are added and the product is ground up.

The mixture is then left to ferment in a temperature-controlled environment until the pH reaches the right level.

The Benefits of Fermentation

The main purpose of fermentation is to convert sugars and other carbohydrates into preservative organic acids. For example, fruit juices are converted into wine, cereals into beer and carbohydrates into carbon dioxide to leaven bread.
Fermentation allows us to preserve substantial amounts of food through lactic acid, alcohol, acetic acid and alkaline fermentations. During the process, toxic substances are also eliminated, while the food substrates are biologically enriched with proteins, essential amino acids and vitamins.
Using fermented food is a healthy way of enriching our diet and introducing new flavours, aromas and textures into what we eat. It allows us to experiment, drawing on secrets used since the dawn of time. And it allows us to innovate.
Introducing fermented foods into our diet is a truly natural way of eating, with all the benefits to our health that these ingredients bring.

Then it is pressed into a mould and dried for 24 hours.

Once the drying phase is complete, the product is placed in a seasoning chamber for around five days, until the desired degree of dryness is reached.



For recipe ideas click here 






Vegan yuminess


We stock a lot of vegan snacks  and treats , these are just some of the chocolate treats we love the most.

We also sell lots of vegan savoury foods, Eat real crisps are so good and come in so many flavours . We have lots of flavours in stock and varieties, lentil chips , humous chips and quinoa chips. They can be dipped in houmous or enjoyed as they are.