Plastic, what can you do to help



Plastic has really hit the press recently and we have had lots of positive conversations with customers, giving them practical options in Green Ginger to help them reduce their use of plastics and speaking to them about how they can recycle more at home.


We are very proud to say we have been mindful of plastics for over 17 years in the shop. We have a very successful refill system for Faith in nature, Ecover, Salt of the earth deodorant and Dr. Bronner.

If you are not aware of our refill system this is how it works, you buy a product from any of the ranges mentioned and we can refill the bottle saving the bottle and saving your money. We can only refill bottles like for like regarding brand as the measurements are correct and we need to abide by Health & Safety regulations.

We have customers who have been using the same bottles for 10 years!!, some of the Ecover bottles are ‘retro’ designs which we love to see as it shows us the system works and that one customer can save so much plastic over 10 years, possibly 100’s of bottles saved.

The other refill system we have in place are loose wholefoods, we sell everything from organic mixed nuts to quinoa grain. We fill plastic compostable plastic bags in the shop but you also have the option to use paper bags or you can bring in your own containers which we can weigh and fill. More and more people are using their own containers which is fantastic to see and we are hoping more people will make the change.

Loose herbs are another popular system we have in place, we sell spices and herbs by weight which you can have in a paper bag or use the plastic bags we give you and refill them again on your next visit ,just keep them in your spice drawers.






Japanese breadcrumbs



Panko breadcrumbs are fantastic it is a light and crisp coating ideal for frying, It absorbs less oil and can coat veggies see recipe here or fish/meat.

Pop in and see us, we have lots of exciting new food in stock.

New Products by Viridian



We are delighted to stock these two new products from Viridian, they are both powders that are made into drinks, first up is the Nordic Forest Pine Bark and Berry is a fresh interpretation of Scandinavian traditions boosted with a potent shot of contemporary extracts.

An organic forest harvest of wild lingonberries and bilberries blended with proanthocyanidin-rich Arctic pine bark and Arctic bilberry extracts.

Sustainably harvested from the certified forests of Finnish Lapland and carefully blended to create a pleasant-tasting nutrient-dense beverage.

Certified organic by the Soil Association.

Wild Chaga and cacao

Potent Wild Nordic Chaga extract and flavanol-rich Cacao from the Peruvian rainforest creates a bi-cultural melting pot.
Harvested in two hemispheres, from organically certified forests to ensure purity and sustainability and carefully blended to create a pleasant tasting, nutrient dense beverage.
From the icy Birch forest of Finnish Lapland and the steamy rainforest of Peru to your cosy kitchen.
Certified organic by the Soil Association.



Essential oil spray


If you have a household of poorly people with all these nasty colds and coughs about we have the perfect spray for you to use. This antibacterial aromatherapy blend is lovely and fresh in scent and clears your repiratory tract. Spray as often as you want, it leaves a clean scent and it is the perfect spray to kill off bugs and bad bacteria.


Faith in Nature Offer


20% off Chocolate Shampoo , only while stocks last!

Hippeas herby and smokin


Hippeas are so good, we love them in Green Ginger! We are stocking Herb flavour and sweet & smokin’ they are both super tasty and they are really popular with our customers too.

We are also selling a big range of Eat Real crisps, everything from Quinoa to lentil crisps, we are particularly loving the jalapeno quinoa puffs, delicious.


Organic Tigernuts


We are stocking tigernuts again, if you haven’t heard of them before and you want to learn more about their nutritional benefits click here